Evelyn’s Curried Cabbage Salad or Kerrie Kool – Boere Resepte From South Africa – Pickled Bottled Curry Cabbage – Sweet and Sour – A MUST at any Barbecue or Braai!

This pickled bottled salad may be stored sealed bottled on top of your kitchen cupboards or refrigerated. It is great served at barbecues and is a very popular salad to serve at braais in South Africa also known as barbecues.

Very traditionally South-African, this recipe sounds nothing like it tastes and you are going to be pleasantly surprised just as I was. The curried sweet and sour flavor of this salad marries so very well up against the flavor of your meat together with a creamy mayo potato salad.

The story behind this salad is one day I happened to visit a friend, Evelyn and she said would I like to try some of her curried cabbage in which she had bottles of it stored on top of her kitchen cupboards. I thought well I’m not too mad about trying this one 😉 but what the hell I have an enquiring mind when it comes to collecting good recipes and I thought well don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. So I went ahead and tried some and to my surprise it was way better than I had expected! So I asked her for the recipe. She wrote it down and here it is.


Do NOT add the vinegar until your cabbage has softened or it will not soften! 😉

Use your own judgement on adding the sugar. Some will like more while others prefer less.




1 lb (450 g) Cabbage

2 lb onions (4 onions)

+/- ¾ cup white vinegar to taste

2 cups sugar or to taste

15 ml salt

45 ml Maizena (corn flour) – cornstarch

20 – 25 ml Rajah Mild Curry Powder

7.5 ml – 10 ml Turmeric



Shred cabbage finely by hand or with metal blade on in your food processor.

Cook with salt until soft in a bit of water (about ½ cup) together with finely chopped onions.

Once soft, add vinegar and sugar. Cook slowly until dissolved. Once dissolved, stir Maizena (corn flour), curry powder with turmeric into a smooth, lump free paste together with a little cold vinegar.

Add to cabbage and cook until almost dry.

Bottle and seal in sterilized jars whilst still very hot.  – Enjoy!





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