Irish Stew – Absolute Delish! With Correct Formula! You just can’t go wrong!

Absolute Delish to come home to on cold winter nights! ūüėČ
Lovely served just plain with some steamed rice and mixed veggies on the side or a medley of sweet corn, carrots or pumpkin, buttered gems or even some Hubbard squash.
Serves: 5 Р6                                     Total Calories: 6,146
Total Weight of Dish with rice excluding side veggies: 4161 g
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Do NOT skimp on the onions as it is the onions that really make this dish!
You be the judge – You look at your meat and you decide how fatty or how lean you would like it.
Mutton is the choice for this dish as it is leaner than lamb, has more flavor and holds up well to the long slow cooking method but remember fat is needed – Fat makes delish! ūüėČ
Sheep tail fat is a lovely addition which you may render down with onions together with your meat in a little water at the¬†beginning of your cooking. – As your water cooks down it will be replaced by¬†the fats which¬†you then brown your meat and onions in. ūüėČ Sheep tail fat is delish in curries too! ūüėČ Mutton is the best choice for this dish but you may replace it¬†with lamb if unavailable.
Best cuts to use are: Chump chops, best end or leg chops, knuckles, rib, neck, or loin.
If using mutton plan on 5 hours of slow gentle cooking. – If lamb plan on 2 – 2.5 hours of slow cooking in same manner. Remember the faster you cook your meat the more shrinkage you will have which means less servings and of course you will then compromise on the lovely favors that slow cooking brings – so keep it low and sloow! ūüėČ
Rule of thumb: Use an equal amount meat to weight to onions. This is Irish Stew remember and leeks are even better! Go ahead! Use as much leeks as you wish!
To really boost flavor, you may replace some of your onions by weight with leeks which is an absolute must if they are available and in season especially during the winter time. However this time I couldn‚Äôt get any ūüė¶ So I just went with plain old‚Äô onions.
1.2 kg mutton, chump chops
1,142 g /ml water
1.2 kg onions, peeled and sliced
1.2 kg potatoes, peeled (I leave my skins on for fiber)
60 g fat
250 g chicken stock, homemade or bouillon cubes to taste
Salt to taste
Pepper, white or black to taste (your choice)
Light sprinkling thyme (optional)
Very light sprinkling, crushed rosemary (optional)
500 rice – To serve
Method: Simmer your meat together with onions in 250 ml water to release fats. Once meat is half way done – You may add your potatoes together with seasonings to taste.
Add homemade browned or chicken stock cubes to taste together with white or black pepper of your choice and a light sprinkling of thyme and or rosemary (optional).
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I used my homemade browned chicken stock together with fat.

Allow to simmer until tender. Adjust seasonings and continue to simmering on very low heat allowing to just blip away until meat and potatoes are fork tender. Adjust seasonings.
Serve and enjoy! ūüôā
Below are my well loved favorites I‚Äôve always relied on for Irish Stew ūüėČ
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Page 1 – Irish Stew ~ My old faithful recipe over the years! Think this is from Mrs Beeton’s book.

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Page 2 – Irish Stew ~ My old faithful recipe over the years! Think this is from Mrs Beeton’s book.

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Love this book! Every recipe tells a story! The Book is Good Old Food: A Taste from the Past by Irena Chalmers




Spaghetti Rag√Ļ alla Bolognese – Absolute Winner! With Secret Ingredient!

An all-time winner! Serve with lotsa fresh parmesan or sharp cheddar – Delish! And even better the following day! – Enjoy! ūüėČ
Be warned: Do NOT be tempted to eat more than you should of this classical favorite! Especially if you are susceptible to “middle age spread!” Place your bowl onto a scale and dish up into that! Count your calories and yes, you’d better! ūüėČ
Notes: Don’t forget the garlic which is a very important part of this dish. Add as much as you wish. Adding it freshly crushed as a paste right before serving will really boost the flavor and strength throughout the dish – If you want to save on your garlic, just add it last! If adding too soon the strength will dissipate and weaken as it cooks.
You may include a ratio of 25 percent pork mince to the beef. Personally just go with 100 % beef mince and bacon.
You may take your wine up to 500 ml but I prefer to stick with around 260 ml but I leave that up to your taste buds.
You may use a dry white wine but you are going to get a far deeper and richer colour by going with the red wine.
Oil for frying may be replaced with half oil to butter, chicken schmaltz or whatever you prefer.
Frozen bacon, partially defrosted dices far easier.
Tomato puree: Preferably use fresh oval-shaped Italian tomatoes but normal round ones will also do.
How to Puree Fresh Tomatoes: Precook whole unpeeled tomatoes with their cores until soft with a little sugar and salt to taste, covered in microwave. Puree when they are nice and soft with an immersion blender = fresh puree ūüėČ Fresh tomato puree is added in accordance with your own taste buds – However do NOT add too much! Too much tomatoes will overpower and throw out the balance of your dish. **The secret is to add a little at a time, just to keeping the moisture and the thickness of your dish.
150 g streaky bacon, finely diced by hand
3 onions, finely chopped
1 1/2 carrots, grated
4 sticks celery, finely diced
1 bunch parsley, finely chopped
7.5 ml origanum, dried – OR – 1 tbsp fresh
60 ml oil
600 g lean minced beef
375 ml tomato puree -OR – 45 ml tomato paste, to taste
260 g dry red wine (You may go up to 500 ml if you wish or according to taste or use white if preferred)
2 bay leaves, crushed
3/4 tsp salt, to taste
Pinch black pepper, to taste
Pinch sugar, to taste
3 tsp salt, to taste
600 g / 14 oz spaghetti or tagliatelle
1 recipe chicken liver pate
3 tsp butter, schmaltz or your choice fat
To Serve: Fresh parsley, Freshly Parmesan (Padano or Parmigiano) and or Sharp Cheddar
Dice bacon into small cubes.
Peel and finely dice the onion, carrots and celery -OR – Place all, roughly chopped into food processor together with garlic and pulse with metal blade on until all is finely chopped.
Wash, pat dry and finely chop the parsley. Set aside.
Prepare the chicken liver pate by clicking here
Heat oil in a large saucepan. Brown the minced meat using a potato masher breaking it up finely. As soon as meat is finely broken up and browned, add your bacon together with onions, celery, carrots and garlic and saute a further 3 – 5 minutes.
Add the parsley, origanum, tomato puree (paste), wine, bay leaves, salt, pepper and sugar. Saute gently for 30 minutes over a low heat.
As soon as meat sauce is ready turn off the heat and stir in your chicken liver pate.

Before I cook my pasta I break it up with my hands into shorter pieces. I prefer it that way.
Pasta: Bring the water to the boil and add the salt, the remaining oil over stove top or in microwave. Add the spaghetti to boiling water and cook until ‘al dente’, about 8 minutes or 6 – 7 minutes on high in a 1000 watt microwave oven..
Drain the spaghetti in a colander, add the rest of the butter and serve the sauce on top together with freshly grated parmesan or cheddar – Enjoy! ūüėČ

World’s Best Cr√®me Caramel Sago Pudding Ever! Comforting home style pudding at it’s very best! Better it doesn’t get!

Serve this to the queen and she will say.. “Oh My! This is the BEST Sago pudding I have EVER tasted!” This will become a firm family favorite! I promise! ūüėČ Perfect for all seasons – Served warmed or cold. Everybody who tastes this will ask for the recipe! ūüėČ This has been the recipe I have been searching for all my life since first tasting it at 21. This recipe is just unforgettable! All my years I never forgot you! I never forget a good recipe! ūüėČ Finally, now aged 55 I have it! Yay!!!!! Thank You to Sarie Magazine! ūüôā And it is just the way I remember it! Many years ago at a hotel in Port Elizabeth made by a chef who used to religiously make this every week for their sunday roast menu and this dessert was always a hit! Everybody gobbled it up¬†soo fast! Enjoy! I promise! All young and old are going to love this one! ūüėČ
Serves 8               Total Calories: 3,295

This recipe is just unforgettable! All my years I never forgot you!
Notes: You may replace the 4 egg yolks and 2 whole eggs with 4 whole (large) eggs – which is what I used. Allow pudding to set overnight refrigerated.If using 4 whole large eggs as I have done: It is not necessary to pour mixture through sieve – Just beat whole eggs and sugar very well with electric beater until fluffy, followed by pouring in your hot milk and cream mixture. I used 10 average sized cinnamon sticks.I never had a vanilla pod and never added vanilla essence. I found it was not necessary with cinnamon.You may add some optional freshly grated nutmeg to taste which is also lovely together with the cinnamon flavour if you wish.Be wary of adding cinnamon powder and vanilla essence as it can taint the color of your dessert. If you don’t have cinnamon sticks, you may sprinkle with cinnamon powder, nutmeg or combination upon serving.You may do this in a wok with your bread pan resting on the side walls of your wok over gently boiling water, covered so water / steam does not drip on it. I used the lid of my Tupperware dish to cover pudding, placing over wok lid – closing well and steaming. Topping up water as necessary.
200 g (250 mL) sago
1 liter of milk
2 vanilla (can be replaced with 5 ml vanilla)
1 cinnamon stick (or up to 10 sticks to taste)
100 g (110 mL) butter
Crème Caramel
150 g (190 mL) sugar 80 ml water + 80 ml or as needed
120 ml milk
125 ml cream
4 egg yolks, large
2 eggs, large
5 ml vanilla essence
75 g (95 mL) sugar
Prepare the sago:
Cold soak refrigerated overnight at best or at least 2 hours in warmed milk on counter or until “completely transparent”. Scrape seeds from vanilla and add to sago together with cinnamon stick/s and butter.
Cook on high 8 minutes in 1000 watt microwave or on stove top until sago is “completely transparent”. Remove from heat. Allow cooling. Remove all cinnamon sticks.
Prepare Crème Caramel:
Preheat oven to 160 ¬į C.
Dissolve sugar thoroughly in 80 ml water and only once it has completely dissolved, bring it to boil. The minute it starts changing colour, take care not to allow it to change too quickly as it can burn in the wink of an eye.. so take your time. Have your extra 80 ml cold water on hand to pour over and take the temperature down if it looks like it’s turning color too fast and continue to boil lowering and raising the heat until it is a lovely golden brown and tastes like caramel. Allow caramel to cool in pot to make sure it is not thick but just on the syrupy runny side as caramel sauce should be. Grease a 15 x 10 cm large bread pan with butter or spray with a non-stick cooking spray. Pour caramel sauce into your bread tin and set aside.
Bring milk and cream in a clean pot to boil. Beat egg yolks, eggs, vanilla and 75 g sugar until light and fluffy with electric beater. Beat extremely well! Pour on hot milk all whilst continuously beating – beat very well. Pour entire mixture through a sieve (optional) and stir egg mixture into sago mixture blending in well with spoon or spatula. Pour sago mixture over back of spoon or spatula into loaf pan containing your caramel sauce. Place pan into a baking dish and fill dish halfway with warm water so that water comes halfway up sides of bread tin. Cover with foil or suitable cover so that water / steam can run off and not into your pudding. Bake pudding bain marie (in hot water bath) 50-60 minutes or until set like jelly, wobbly and just giggly but must be set in the center – If you place your finger gently around the outer edges of pudding you should be able to pull it slightly away from the walls of the tin. Remove from oven, cool and refrigerate to set completely overnight.
To serve: Carefully run a very thin spatula or knife around the outer edges of tin to loosen sides. Find a suitable container and place over the bread tin and very quickly invert / flip over turning the whole thing upside down and turn out. Serve and Enjoy! ūüėČ
Recipe has been adapted from Sarie Magazine South Africa
Sago crème caramel by Herman Lensing.


You won’t try another Recipe after this one! This has been my go to recipe for far too many years to remember and does extremely well on fetes¬†and¬†fairs sold as Curry Bunnies¬†wrapped in plastic food wrap or cling wrap and reheated in a microwave – I know plastic is bad but this is how it goes.. ūüėČ ¬†in South Africa they sell like Hot Cakes and are a well-loved family favorite! – Enjoy them or¬†take them to work or school with you¬†for a delicious treat! ūüėČ

Curry Bunnies with a sweet mild curry mince perfect for vetkoek!
Makes 8 bun sized Vetkoek (fried bread) or Doughnuts
Vetkoek are also known as Bollas in South Africa by its Cape Malay Community if: Made into rounds or oblong shapes or rolled into long sausage shapes, then folded to make two strands and twisted with ends pinched together – deep-fried – drained – brushed with sugar syrup and then rolled in coconut.
To make a loaf of white bread or raisin loaf: Use a formula of 70 % percent water to your weight in flour. If making raisin loaf, do not forget to soak your raisins before hand to plump them up and knead them in on the last-minute. In this case you may also then use half water to milk and may replace your oil or fat with butter melted into your water – milk mixture in which you soak your raisins. ūüėČ
Remember your 1st rise is always your best! So knead extremely well! I always give just 1 rise but remember – knead VERRY well! ūüėČ I always find my first rise is always my best! ūüėČ
One 10 g sachet instant yeast = 1 tbsp or 15 ml
When adding donuts to pan: Temperature must be ready or they will sink and suck up oil. Test your fat by dropping in a crumb of bread – If it floats and sizzles gently around its edges your fat is ready. Add donuts one at a time and do NOT overcrowd pan or temperature will drop causing them to suck up oil. Do NOT fry at too high a temperature or donuts burn and oil will darkenThey must bake, remain afloat, sizzle and bubble gently around their edges (not furiously) in the oil. Cover with lid after adding each one and allow temperature to come back up again before adding the next one and so on. Keeping pan covered with lid helps them to bake. If you have a deep fat fryer or an oil or sugar thermometer you may use it. If using a wok you will only get one doughnut or vetkoek done per time because of its sloping sides. ūüėČ

I love the texture that chicken schmaltz gives to the outside of these vetkoek or doughnuts.
Using chicken schmaltz gives the most delicious texture to the outside of these donuts and is what I have used. ūüėČ
If making Doughnuts: You may glaze them or roll them in castor or cinnamon sugar – OR – after draining them and using an icing gun, you may inject them with Dulce de leche caramel also known as caramel treat in South Africa (using an icing gun or pastry bag with nozzle tip) or with apricot jam instead and decorate with freshly whipped cream.
In South Africa the yellow 20 g sachet of NCP High Foam Superbrew yeast works very well and is what I always use if I’m lucky enough to find it. Other wise you may just use the other instant yeasts available. On a good few occasions I’ve found the purple packages of instant yeast to be underweight. So it is best to open the packages and weigh them directly into your ingredients.
Warning! These are Addictive! ūüėČ
22 g Chicken Schmaltz or 20 ml sunflower oil
8 g (7.5 ml) salt
40 g (20 ml) sugar
300 g (300 ml) lukewarm body temperature water – no hotter or you will kill your yeast! ūüėČ
484 g (968 ml) bread flour – measure unsifted, loosely and uncompressed!
17 g (25 ml) instant yeast
Method (Bread Machine):
Place bread machine pan on scale.
Weigh in the oil or chicken fat, salt, sugar, warm water – When water comes into contact with yeast it must be body temperature or you will kill off your yeast activation! On top of this place the unsifted flour. Make a well in the center with your finger and weigh the yeast into it. Close the bread pan and place it back into the machine. Set machine on dough cycle and stick around. As soon as machine has completed kneading, switch machine off for a moment and then switch it back on again, reset it again on dough cycle – allowing machine to do a second kneading.
As soon as machine stops kneading. Remove dough and knead into a smooth ball Place dough on scale. Note it’s weight and then divide it into 8 balls each of same weight. Roll them into smooth round balls and place them on flour dusted baking sheet, covered but untouched with enough room for expansion. I place mine on a large microwave turntable covered with my large inverted glass halogen oven bowl. Allow to rise until doubled.
Hand Method:
Heat up half the water together with fat, oil and salt in a micro-safe bowl. Remove. Stir in the sugar until dissolved. Add the balance of the cooled water. Allow to come to body temperature and then sprinkle over your yeast. Once yeast has dissolved you may add your unsifted flour. Stir it in with a fork or using your hand until dough comes together into a smooth non sticky ball. Divide dough into 8 equally smooth round balls and place on flour dusted surface covered with enough room for expansion until doubled in size.
Time To Fry Vetkoek:
In a deep-fry saucepan heat up enough oil to 160 C (320 F) or fat to come half way or almost halfway up sides of vetkoek.

These are soo delish for breakfast simply served with apricot jam or marmalade!
Test fat that it is ready by.. dropping a crumb of bread into it. If it sinks the fat is not hot enough. If it stays afloat and gently bubbles and sizzles around the edges the fat is ready.
Gently with all 5 fingers placed around bottom edges of vetkoek nudging it upward to heighten the dough slightly and without causing much damage carefully lower it into the hot fat. Wait until temperature rises back up again before adding the next one and so on. Do NOT overcrowd pan or temperature will drop. After adding each donut quickly place the lid back on the pan. Lift lid now and then to check for doneness on undersides of donuts and when golden brown, flip over and repeat same until all donuts are done. Remove to drain in a large wire mesh sieve or on metal wire racks or placed with paper toweling. Once cooled, cut a pocket in vetkoek (fat cake) and fill with your best ever curry mince for curry bunnies or as a breakfast treat with apricot jam or marmalade РEnjoy!
You now have what is called a curry bunny in South Africa.¬†ūüėČ

Beef Curry Mince For Vetkoek Curry Bunnies Oliebollen or Roti – Best Ever!

My Best Ever Beef Curry Mince For Vetkoek (Curry Bunny) or Roti – Best Ever!
You won’t want another recipe for curry mince after this one! ūüėČ
This is the recipe we all grew up on in South Africa and is well-loved by both adults and children – It was the first curry we all started out with as children and is a lovely mild curry that even adults who love hot curries still hark back to in childhood nostalgia! It may be served with roti, vetkoek or simply over fluffy white steamed rice or with a sambal on the side. If you want to turn up the heat ūüėČ you may add a whole jalapeno or chili to your food processor together with onions or add it finely chopped to your saucepan together with your onions – Allow it to cook in for strength to develop and intensify.. Never add more chillies until its heat has cooked through or you might end up with too much heat as chili needs a while to cook in before it’s heat really starts coming through.

Adding curry leaves will enhance your curry ūüėČ
If you have a food processor you may add your chopped ginger together with whole garlic cloves and roughly chopped onions.
You may use this curry mince to make a bobotie which is also lovely to serve to children who have not yet developed a taste for stronger curries.
Use the Rajah Medium Curry Powder (Sold in South Africa) or a curry powder of similar brand.
1 1/2 tbsp butter or half butter to oil (or schmaltz)
3 medium onions
600 g lean beef mince
10 ml garlic, minced or crushed
10 ml ginger, minced or crushed
15 ml sugar or to taste
7.5 ml curry powder or to taste (Rajah Medium Curry)
10 ml turmeric or to taste
6 ml salt
pinch black pepper, freshly ground or to taste
45 ml chutney
15 ml apricot jam
15 ml vinegar
15 ml Worcestershire sauce
45 ml tomato puree (homemade) or sub with 15 ml tomato paste
4 potatoes, cubed (medium size) or added to taste
Add fat to saucepan and brown mince using a potato masher to break it up.
To a food processor in following order add: Chopped ginger, whole garlic cloves and your roughly chopped onions. Whizz until you have a fine puree.
Add above onion puree to saucepan together with your browned mince and saute for about 5 minutes or until onions taste cooked.
Swish out food processor bowl with 125 ml water and add it to your saucepan together with the balance of the above ingredients in given order.
Steam potatoes in a microwave steamer until tender. Dice up and add to curry mince.
Saute until done. Serve and enjoy! ūüėČ

Best Chinese Orange Chicken Ever! With recipe for¬†Chinese Stir-Fried Vegetable Rice with Egg Foo Young – It’s ¬†a Numero Uno Winner!

Not complicated or difficult at all! This is a very simple yet tasty but¬†authentically delicious Chinese dish! – Hoison sauce marries so very well with oranges in this recipe! You may¬†even use this as a¬†barbecue sauce¬†–¬†All you need do is braai or¬†barbecue your meat and serve this sauce on the side.¬†ūüėČ
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Yum-Yum it is soo delish!

Lovely served with Chinese Vegetable Stir-Fried Rice – Recipe bottom of page.
Notes РPlease Read before you begin.. 
  1. Orange zest must be cooked for 10 minutes to soften it – as it will not soften once the sugar is added.
  2. The pectin in orange zest and pulp helps to thicken your dipping sauce РProviding you do not make the mistake of adding too much water!
  3. If you do make the mistake of adding too much water..
  4. Reduce sauce¬†over high heat until thickened or to your liking¬†– OR –¬†You may make up a slurry of¬†equal parts cold water to corn flour (30 ml corn flour + 30 ml water stirred to a smooth paste). Bring sauce to boil in saucepan over stove top –¬†whilst stirring briskly, drizzle slurry into your sauce (not all – just¬†enough) or until thickened to your liking.¬†Once you can taste cornstarch is cooked – DO NOT¬†cook any further or you will run the risk of cornstarch breaking down – creating a runny sauce again.
  5. Replenish water only as needed, replacing some of the evaporation but not to make runny sauce. Sauce must be of a dipping consistency.
  6. If you don’t like too much heat start off with¬†half a cayenne chili pepper –¬†adding the balance¬†if you feel you need more heat.
  7. You may use half cornflour to all-purpose flour or cake flour if you wish.
  8. You may use this recipe for¬†homemade 3 fruit¬†marmalade in summer when oranges are out of season to replace sugar and oranges – Just use¬†same formula but with 100% oranges instead of the grapefruit and lemons – and stash it away for¬†summer.¬†ūüėČ
  9. Chicken schmaltz (chicken fat) will give you better results for frying than cooking oils and is what I have used.
  10. I have made my sauce in microwave which does not require adding any oils or fats.
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700 g Chicken thighs, deboned weight Рfresh (unbrined)
Chicken schmaltz or vegetable oil for frying –¬†You will need 2 – 4 cups of oil.
Ingredients – Batter:
5 ml salt
5 ml sugar, white
pinch white pepper
250 ml (118 g) cornflour
1 egg, large
Ingredients –¬†Sauce:
3 oranges juiced, including zest
1 clove garlic, grated – on fine side of grater or to taste
2.5 ml grated ginger Рon fine side of grater or to taste
1 cayenne chili pepper (red) – including seeds
125 ml white sugar
45 ml chicken stock (Homemade) or browning sauce or soya sauce
45 ml finely chopped green onion – reserve some for garnish
A little water, as needed
pinch salt to taste
45 ml  (28 g) corn flour (optional) See above notes
Method (Sauce) – Stove Top:
First saute garlic, ginger and onion in 20 Р30 ml chicken schmaltz (chicken fat) or vegetable oil until softened. РSoften orange zest in microwave by following below method and then adding the balance of sauce ingredients to onion garlic mixture in your pan or wok. 
Method (Sauce) – Microwave:
In a shallow container zest your oranges holding them in downward fashion so their spray collects in the container rather than dispersing out onto the air.Juice your oranges. Remove the orange pulp but not the white pith and add it to the zest together with its juice. Discard the white pith to feed to birds.Place zest, pulp and orange juice in a 1000 watt microwave oven and cook on high for 10 minutes.Add the balance of your sauce ingredients and cook a further 3 Р4 minutes on high or until chili releases its heat and sauce has fairly thickened up.If too reduced, replenish with a little water until of dipping consistency but not runny.Remove sauce from microwave and with a stick blender, blend sauce until smooth.Taste for seasoning, adding a pinch salt if necessary and set aside.
Prepare Your Chicken:
Debone Chicken thighs and place meat on scale until you have 700 g.
Dice chicken up (including skin) into bite sized pieces or nuggets.
In a bowl mix corn flour with salt, sugar and white pepper.
Place chicken pieces into corn flour mixture Рtossing well to coat.
In a teacup – beat egg with fork. Add¬†egg mixture¬†to corn flour coated chicken¬†pieces. Massage all in well together¬†–¬†until chicken pieces are completely covered and paste is¬†smooth and lump free.
To Fry Your Chicken (How I do mine) –¬†If you have a Halogen or FlavorWave Oven): Heat 1 -2¬†cups chicken schmaltz or vegetable oil in large pizza pan – just ¬†enough to come halfway up the sides of your chicken nuggets –¬†I bend the¬†outer lip of my pizza pan a little inward just to fit within the¬†halogen oven’s¬†extender ring¬†which¬†I place onto my microwave¬†metal turntable which fits perfectly over the top of my halogen ovens glass bowl onto which the¬†pizza pan gets placed.¬†(I make and store my Melba toast in¬†glass oven bowl¬†– so it does not come into contact with any fat or drippings. ;)) ¬†I then position¬†the halogen’s¬†metal extender ring¬†onto turntable¬†– onto which I fit the¬†element head.. Set Halogen oven’s element head to¬†180 C and make¬†sure that the oil is hot and sizzling before adding your chicken cubes
To Fry Your Chicken in Wok or Large Shallow Saucepan:
Heat¬†temperature to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) –¬†You will need 2 – 4 cups of oil or schmaltz.¬†–¬†Fry chicken cubes or nuggets at room temperature for about 2 – 3 minutes each side or until done. When lifting element head of halogen oven to peek for doneness, do so quickly to prevent temperature from dropping and turn nuggets over quickly but gently without breaking¬†their coating – placing element head on as quickly as possible. Do not overcrowd pan or you will run the risk of¬†temperature dropping which will result in an oily soggy nuggets.¬†Drain on paper towel-lined colander, sieve or paper plates. Set aside.
Chinese Stir-Fried Vegetable Rice
Notes: Optional seasonings which may be added¬†to taste are..¬†15 ml browned chicken stock –¬†or –¬†crumbled bits of chicken stock cube – or¬†soya sauce.
Lovely to add is shredded cabbage to your Egg Foo Young and Rice but I had run out of cabbage.
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This one had cabbage when I needed to use up what was left of the cabbage and eggs.

30 – 60 ml oil to stir-fry rice, veggies and egg foo young or as needed
430 g rice (uncooked weight)
240 g carrots, peeled weight (finely diced)
Small handful peas, frozen
1.5 celery stalk with leaves, diced
1 onion, large (diced)
8 eggs, large
salt to taste
white pepper to taste
3 spring onions, finely diced (greens reserved)
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Picture a bit on the steamy side ūüėČ

Method – Rice:
In a microsafe sealed container add your¬†rice together with enough water just to cover rice¬†and cook, covered in a 1000 watt microwave oven for 7 minutes. Remove and do not open lid. Set aside¬†for 10 – 15 minutes. After time is up¬†–¬†open container lid¬†and scratch rice with fork to separate the grains – Close container and set aside again.
Prepare all your vegetables and divide them in half – Set aside.
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Lovely to grill some crispy chicken thighs – Debone – Break up and toss in your left over orange hoison sauce and then toss up together with leftover rice and egg foo young for a quick snack or a light supper the following day.

In a wok or large saucepan – add your chicken schmaltz or¬†oil and stir-fry one half of¬†your veggies excluding peas until crisp –¬†just cooked on the outside but not completely through to the center.¬†
Add your rice and continue to stir-frying over medium heat. If rice threatens to burn add more fat or oil. Keep tossing and turning until rice is coated with oil. Do NOT dredge rice in oil!
Toss in you peas. Turn off heat and blend all through. Remove and set aside.
Egg Foo Young:
Beat eggs with a little salt and white pepper to taste.
Heat up enough chicken¬†schmaltz fat or oil in a pizza pan in your halogen oven set at¬†160 C (as explained above) – or –¬†in another wok or in a separate saucepan set over medium heat.
Add a light sprinkling of salt to oil in saucepan and toss in the other half of your veggies excluding peas.
Stir-fry until crisp or just cooked on the outside. –¬†Lastly,¬†add your¬†peas – give it all a quick stir¬†and pour on your eggs – just enough to almost cover your veggies but to contain and set them in the egg mixture.¬†
Lower¬†heat or turn down to medium low – peeking every now and then using a non scratch (non metal or¬†plastic type egg lifter or spatula) lift¬†edge of pancake to make sure it doesn’t burn underneath.
Lower heat if pancake looks like it’s going to burn.
When pancake has set to your liking and is golden brown underneath, gently lift from underneath and flip over to¬†cook the other side. When done¬†– toss pancake out onto plate and repeat with the rest of your egg mixture.¬†Roll pancake up and cut into strips with knife or pizza cutter.¬†Add to rice, whilst breaking pancake up and give all a good toss.¬†Serve and enjoy! ūüôā