The Milk Tart everyone wants to bake! From the South African Huisgenoot Magazine, March edition, 1985. Lovely!

This has become another one of my favourite Milk Tarts! This recipe makes 2 milk tarts each with 8 servings.

Calories per serving: 220 (109 g)Total Calories: 3,526 – Total Weight: 1736 g

I hold stick blender at an angle to get as much air into mixture without baking the filling – This is what your milk tart should look like.

This is not the original picture but what it really should look like if you follow my method – This picture is my original picture from Aunty Nella’s Milk Tart.
  • When using a set of measuring cups and spoons all measures are loosely scooped up and NOT compressed – leveled off with the back of a knife run over the surface of cups and spoons. This is Baking Law!
  • If you are going to bake your milk tart, add only the yolks, keeping the whites apart. When oven temperature is ready – with clean beaters beat up your whites until fluffy (not balls of fluff) and fold through gently with spatula.


Ingredients – Pastry crust: (Total calories: 1,051 – Total weight: 205 g )
90 ml butter (6 Tablespoons) or use a hard margarine – May economise by using ½ and ½
2 Tablespoons caster sugar (ordinary if fine)
180 ml Cake Flour (use your set of measuring spoons)
salt, a generous pinch
Method: Sift together flour, castor sugar and salt. Rub in butter until it forms crumbs. Knead dough to form a ball. Place each ball into centre of both 23cm diameter tart foil pie or baking dishes. Press out pastry making sure you press well to thin out around corner edges. Trim/neaten edges & Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 8 – 10 minutes if you want a soft pastry & 10 – 12 minutes for a crispier shortbread one. Remove from oven.

If you can get your hands on one of these hand held pastry presses – It really does speed things up and presses the pastry out so nicely! Every now and then I just dip mine into the flour as I go along.
Ingredients – Filling: (Total Calories: 2,474 – Total weight: 1531 g)
1 liter Full cream or whole milk
4 large eggs
40 g (75 ml) Cake flour
2 ml salt or a generous pinch
185 ml sugar – In cup measures (125 ml + 60 ml)125 ml butter (may use a good tasting hard margarine but butter is best)
5 ml vanilla essence, to taste
2 ml almond essence or added to taste. Careful as it can overpower very easily!
2.5 ml caramel essence or to taste (1 capful)
nutmeg, finely grated or to taste (½ to ¾ of a whole)
5 ml Cinnamon powder to sprinkle over top or to taste
Method: (My easy peasy way of doing it is the method I always use!)

Bring the milk to boil in a large 5 liter mixing bowl so it does not boil over. I use a light weight microwave safe plastic bowl. Place bowl on scale and measure into it both flours together with salt and sugar. Crack over your eggs. With your beaters or stick blender switched off stir in the flour so that it is well covered by the moisture and will not fly out the bowl on beating. Using your stick blender or beaters (switched off) blend it all together so that it is nice and smooth (I use a Brabantia stick blender which I find has good power). As soon as milk is at a rolling boil, with blender or electric beaters running pour in the hot milk to partially cook the mixture all whilst beaters are constantly running – quickly before it cools down put bowl back into microwave and microwave on high (1000 watt Oven) for about 3-4 mins until you see it is just starting to set around the edges. Remove and whiz again until smooth and lump free – Quickly before it cools down put back in microwave and cook on high a further 3-4 minutes until you can taste the flours and eggs are well cooked in and no longer taste raw. Once the custard is cooked, add the butter, whiz it in followed by the vanilla,caramel & almond essence & finely grated nutmeg all to taste.Whiz it all up again incorporating as much air bubbles (lightens mixture) as you can holding stick blender at an angle. Do not over do this or it will begin to lose air. Pour custard into your pre baked tart shells. Dust with cinnamon. Allow cooling and refrigerate overnight or until set. Enjoy!

End of Recipe!
For additional further tips and methods see below….
Separate your eggs into two stainless steel bowls. Do not get any yolks/fat into whites. If a bit of yolk ends up in whites do not use fingers to get it out (fingers have fatty oil deposits egg whites do not tolerate) rather use a piece of eggshell to get it out. Keep away from drafts while whipping egg whites. Beat egg whites up in grease free clean stainless steel bowl until fluffy soft peaks form. Set aside.Sift cake flour together with salt into large bowl. Make a well in the centre & pour in just enough cold milk to make a lump free paste. Stir with beaters switched off, then add a little more cold milk until you have a batter like consistency, switching on beaters once flour has been incorporated. Beat until you have a smooth consistency.Break up 3-4 generous cinnamon sticks. Place into stocking & fasten with elastic. Bash to crush with mallet or hammer. Place it into your balance of the milk & stir whilst heating up. As soon as it comes to rolling boil, remove cinnamon pouch (can be stored for re-use in freezer) & pour cinnamon infused milk in a steady stream into your flour cold milk paste mixture all whilst beating at the same time until smooth & lump free.Put this mixture back on to cook. In a microwave, beat every 3 minutes, or on a stove continuously stirring with a wooden spoon in a heavy bottomed saucepan beating as much air into mixture as you can.Mix a little of the vanilla essence to a paste with baking powder, Add your vanilla mixture onto your sugar egg mixture. Do not stir. Set aside.Cut butter / margarine up into cubes, set aside.In the meantime, using your electric beaters, stir your castor sugar in with your beaters switched off into your egg yolk mixture. Once it has all been incorporated, switch on your beaters and beat until you have a fluffy – frothy sponge that leaves a trail when you lift your beaters – all sugar has dissolved and volume trebles or increases even further.When your milk/flour mixture is gently boiling, pour some in a steady stream whilst still running beaters, into your egg yolk/sugar/baking powder/vanilla mixture. Continue beating on full speed, then pour your egg yolk/sugar/milk/flour mixture back into your flour/milk mixture & continue to beat it till smooth & lump free. Put it back onto heat / into microwave. Beating every 3 minutes until it has thickened and you can taste that the flour is well cooked in. Remove from heat.Wash, dry & clean off beaters. Once more beat up your egg whites again to get rid of any liquid that might have settled on the bottom. Immediately thereafter, gently fold in your egg white mixture with a spatula or with beaters quickly but very lightly gently work it in. “I give it a few quick slow speed whizzes with beaters, but very gently-gently, so as not to knock out too much of the air.” Sprinkle with freshly ground cinnamon sugar & bake 180 degrees Celsius in pre- heated oven 30 minutes. Gently remove from oven. Do not knock or bang whilst still hot to prevent air being knocked out & collapsing of tart. Once cooled keep refrigerated until cold. Best served cold! ……………… Enjoy! South African Melktert (Milk Tart) Makes 2 very generous tarts Servings Per tart: 8 2nd Method .. When time is running out.. Pre-bake the crust for about 10-12 minutes. Try to make the filling as follows: 1. Bring half the milk and butter to the boil 2. Cream the sugar, egg yolks maizena (half flour & half maizena), salt and vanilla with the rest of the milk. Omit the baking powder. 3 Add some of the hot milk to the creamed mixture, and then put it back into the pot and heat gently until it thickens 4. Do NOT boil 5. Fold in the egg whites and pour the filling into the pie crust. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on top and…. 6. Bake for 20-25 minutes in an 180C oven. It is much easier to make it this way. 3rd Quickest Method .. When time is running out even more.. Instructions : Bring milk and butter to just boiling – reduce heat immediately and simmer or remove from the high heat Cream the sugar, whole eggs, corn starch, flour and vanilla extract with an electric hand beater until its thick and creamy Add half a cup of the hot milk to this mixture and blend well Then pour all the sugar mixture back into the hot milk and stir continuously while on medium heat, until its nice and thick TIP : Do not boil! Be careful not to stop stirring as it will burn on the bottom and stick Pour into the pie crusts Sprinkle with cinnamon Refrigerate until set for about an hour or more. Can be frozen. You may substitute the flour for cornflour (Maizena) – I make the batter first: i.e.: beat the flour, sugar, eggs – I do not whisk the egg whites – no need – The milk needs to be warmed prior to the batter being mixed in – this mixture needs to be “tendered” on a steady even heat – lastly adding the butter (not melted before) and vanilla essence! The pastry needs to be baked prior to adding the tart mixture. !! Sprinkle cinnamon on warm filling – let stand at room temperature before chilling prior to serving. Beat up egg whites until till soft peaks form (Volume should increase 5 – 6 fold – Fresh eggs at room temp please!) Beat castor sugar with electric beater (swirl it in with beaters before switching them on otherwise you will have sugar flying all over the place.) till trebled in volume. Set Aside. Blend flour mixture with 125 ml of the cold milk till smooth & lump free. Heat the balance of the milk until very hot, when just reaching boiling point, with your beaters running, pour on in a steady stream, whilst you continue beating to partially cook & smooth it, smoothing out to create lump free mixture. Put back onto heat at 3 minute intervals, microwave, while stirring all the time, until you see it is thickened, & you can taste that the flour has been well cooked in. While beating, pour the cooked mixture over the “egg yolk sugar mixture” and continue beating to smooth it out & partially cook the mixture. Cut up room temperature butter & beat this into your hot mixture until melted & well incorporated. Fold in your stiffly beaten egg whites, being careful not to knock out too much of the air from your mixture – “I prefer to quickly beat it in, quickly, not to lose too much air, or to just break up & to incorporate any egg white lumps sufficiently into the mixture, otherwise I find that you can actually taste these egg white lumps that have formed. Bake 180 degrees Celsius in pre- heated oven 25 – 30 minutes.

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