Best Cream of Tomato Soup I have EVER had in my Life!! BEST on the Net!! Warning!! Addictively Delish!! Great for Meatless Mondays!! Vegan/Vegetarian-GMO Free!!

The Best Tomato Soup you will EVER eat !! Trust me !! This one just can’t be beat !! And has truly has become one of my TOP favourite Soups! 😉

The best tomatoes to use are the Italian oval-shaped ones which are also known as jam tomatoes but if you can’t get jam tomatoes ordinary tomatoes will do fine – Make sure they are a lovely ripe red and fresh. I don’t even remove the cores. I just puree the whole lot as the fiber is very good for you.   The skin of the Italian oval-shaped jam tomato disintegrates far better than the usual round shaped tomatoes which adds to the lovely red color that you see here – To puree or bottle tomatoes the Easy Peasy way see here.

For my dogs – They didn’t want to eat their tomato soup and wanted to know where their meat was ?  So I tossed in some stir-fried chicken pieces and pasta for them and that made them eat their supper! The soup is just lovely as is and does NOT go at all with chicken or pasta! – So don’t try it! But that’s the only way I could get my dogs to eat their soup
6 tablespoons (86 g) butter
1 onion (medium)
45 – 90 ml sugar, to taste
2 -3 chicken stock cubes (bouillon cubes) – or – your own homemade chicken stock to taste
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 cup sherry (optional)
250 – 375 ml heavy cream to taste
1/4 cup freshly chopped basil – You may use a light sprinkling dried to taste
1/4 cup freshly chopped parsley – You may use a light sprinkling dried to taste
Begin by dicing your onions or you may do this very quickly in food processor with metal blade on.
Melt your butter in a large heavy based pot or saucepan and gently saute your onions until translucent.
Place all your whole tomatoes into a very large micro-safe bowl and cover with dinner plate. Cook on high just long enough to soften them.
Once tomatoes are nice and soft you may with a hand-held blender, puree them directly in their bowl.
Add your freshly pureed tomatoes to your onions, stirring to combine.
Gradually add your sugar, carefully tasting in between to balance out the acid out with the sweet.
Stir in your chicken stock cubes or homemade gelatinized chicken stock, tasting for saltiness in between – balancing out your salty with your sweet. Be careful not to make it too salty.
Add some freshly ground black pepper to taste. Stir to combine.
Bring soup to a boil and then turn off the heat.
Stir in your basil and parsley. Add your sherry if you will be adding. Lastly stir in your cream to taste, or in part – swirling the balance into each individual serving bowl upon serving.

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