Creamed Spinach A La Delish with Mozzarella Cheese – The BEST I have ever tasted!

Delicious served with steaks or any other meat dishes and not overpowered by Mozzarella at all – It just holds the right note!
March 31, 2017 by
4 garlic cloves, crushed
15 ml chicken schmaltz OR half butter to oil to cook spinach – I used 46 g schmaltz incl bit stock
1 onion (small), finely chopped + extra 42 g schmaltz
2 bunches of spinach, stems and thick veins – Chopped with knife of kitchen scissors
84 g / ml milk
84 g / ml cream
167 ml mozzarella cheese, grated – 250 ml cup heaped = 114 g mozzarella cheese
nutmeg to taste – I like freshly grated on fine side of grater
Add fresh cloves garlic to pan or wok and crush with a light sprinkling salt. Remove.
Add fat to pan and when sizzling toss in your onions and saute until translucent. Add your chopped spinach to your onions and stir-fry on low – medium heat until just wilted – NO more! – Remove Spinach and onions. Set aside.
Add your crushed garlic
Add minced garlic together with your milk and cream. Bring to boil. Add grated mozzarella cheese stirring constantly on high until mozzarella melts – about 30 seconds. Reduce heat and simmer stirring until you have a smooth creamed spinach – a further 30 seconds to a minute. Season with salt to taste and some optional nutmeg if you wish. Remove from heat. Serve and Enjoy! 

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