Iced Strawberry Jelly Berry Crush / Smoothie – Totally Thirst Quenching! Absolute Delish – Summer Cooler!

Low Calorie, Thirst quenching yet so simple! If you want Sorbet just freeze it. You may vary your fruit, matching your jelly  with same. Even using a sugar free jelly to lower the calories even further.



100 g frozen strawberries or any berries of your choice with a jelly of same flavor

30 g Moir’s strawberry jelly powder (In South Africa)

100 g hot water not boiling! (1/2 hot & 1/2 chilled or cool)



Place measuring jug on kitchen scale.

Weigh in jelly crystals

Pour on half the hot water

Stir until jelly powder has dissolved

Add cold water or you may replace it with extra berries

Add frozen berries

Blend with hand held stick blender until smooth

Drink ice cold & Enjoy!


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