Baked Orange Pudding This is one of my all time winter favourites. The bonus is it forms is own sauce beneath, whilst baking.

A self saucing pudding that is so delicious you will need to double or even triple the recipe. There is never enough to go around!


Serves: 3 at 265 g per serving.   Total calories per serving: 464.    Weight of Whole recipe: 794 g   Total Calories in Whole recipe: 1,392



2 large eggs, separated

250 ml Sugar

62.5 ml Cake Flour

250 ml milk

180 ml freshly squeezed orange juice & the zest, grated finely

25 ml melted butter



Beat the yolks and gradually add the sugar. Beat until creamy. Sieve the flour and add to the egg mixture alternately with the milk. Add the orange juice together with zest & melted butter.

Beat the egg whites until stiff but not dry and fold into the orange mixture with a metal spoon.

Pour into a greased ovenproof dish and place in a large dish half-filled with water.

Bake at 180 C for 45 minutes or until set and golden brown. This pudding will form a delicate crust on top and a sauce underneath.

Serve hot with cream or custard.

Baking the pudding in a dish with water (bain-marie) will prevent the sauce from curdling. Recipe is the one, bottom right of page

Janeen Theresa Schubach's photo.
Baked Orange Pudding Bottom Right of Page. You may replace the oranges with lemons or limes if you wish.

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