Chinese Hong Kong Chicken “The Real Thing” with Fried Rice & Egg Foo Young

The way we make it in South Africa – “The real McCoy” and the real deal!  Just as you would buy it from a take away shop! – No different!

This recipe comes from an old School recipe cookbook, Port Elizabeth 1993 – Titled “Cooking the Grey way” – A joint project of the Grey Junior & Senior School. This recipe was donated by Sharon Clephane.



1 Whole chicken divided into portions

1/2  cup (125 ml) hot water

2 dessert spoons (20 ml) brown sugar

1/4 tsp white pepper

1/2 cup sunflower seed oil (125 ml)

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup soya sauce (125 ml)

2 dessert spoons (20 ml) syrup – Maple is always best

4 cloves garlic (I use fairly large cloves)

Fresh ginger (about 1/2 a man-sized thumb of ginger)



Stamp garlic & ginger to a paste together with salt (I use the flat wooden end of a braai or barbecue hook). Divide chicken into portions. Mix all ingredients together & pour over chicken pieces in a wok or if wok is unavailable use a large heavy bottomed saucepan. Cook stirring every now & then until chicken is well browned and sticky with a thick sauce remaining. Remove oil with suitable spoon, paper towels or skimmer.


Fried Rice


1 – 2 cups uncooked plain long grain Rice

2 tbsp oil

1 chicken stock cube

3 – 4 cups hot water

1 tbsp of Soya Sauce is optional (I don’t add)



Fry rice in 2 tbsp (30 ml) oil until it turns white. Dissolve chicken stock cube in hot water and add to rice. Boil until it cooks dry. You may add just a dash Soya if you wish, but careful not to overdo it.


Stir – Fry Veg & Egg Foo-Yong:


6 eggs, beaten (Do not add any milk to your egg mixture)

Chopped mushrooms

Carrots, diagonally chopped Chinese style

Shredded cabbage

Spring onions, chop diagonally Chinese style

Green pepper, chopped diagonally

Onion, chopped




Beat up your eggs with an electric blender until well blended. Add some oil to wok (just enough) Turn up gas flame to high adding your veggies excluding the peas & stir-fry quick until crispy & almost cooked. Add your peas & quickly pour on your beaten eggs. (Pancake must not be too thick but just thick enough to contain & hold together your veg) Flip over & brown the underside. Turn out onto serving plate & repeat until all the egg is used up. Toss the left over veggies into your Chinese rice together with just a bit of the chopped up Egg foo young..the rest of egg foo-yong to be served on side. Serve!


Still to get the balance/amounts/measures of veg to egg mixture drafted up – This given off the top of my head – In the meantime I just eye-ball it. Anybody does -please post me!  😉 – Enjoy!


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