Deep-Fried Puffy Onion Rings – Recipe comes from an old South African Cookbook.

From: “The Best of TV Home Kitchen” by Annette Human – A collection of winning South African recipes. Makes: 6 Servings

Picture from the original book.
This is just the way hotels and restaurants served them many years ago. I think it was around the 60’s through into the 80’s, alongside dishes like fish, steak, ribs and chops. Somehow we don’t see them no more.
Time for a nostalgic revival! I used to love these and still do!
**Note:** Today a 250 ml cup measure of flour weighs 125 g and not 140 g so If I remember, I did make this many a time using a cup measures, which means I would have used 125 g of flour in my batter and not 140 g. All measures are loosely packed and leveled off with the back of a knife. It is baking law!
500 g onions
2 ml salt
Cake flour (For tossing onion rings in)
250 ml milk
1 egg, large (separated)
salt and pepper to taste
140 g (280 ml) Self raising flour OR include 7.5 ml baking powder within your 250 ml cup measure **See above Note!**
Cooking oil for deep-frying
Note: Make sure no egg yolk gets into your whites or it will not be able to beat up fluffy
Peel and slice the onions, Separate the slices into rings.
Leave in iced water for 2 hours, then drain the rings and sprinkle them lightly with salt and pepper.
Pour a little cake flour in a plastic bag, place the onion rings in the bag and shake until the rings are
covered with flour.
Beat the milk, egg yolk and salt together.
Add the flour and beat to a smooth batter.
Leave one side together with your unbeaten egg white separately in another bowl to rest for 1/2 an hour.
When oil is about ready, beat up your egg white until nice and fluffy. It must be fluffy! (Not too dry that it begins to form little balls) and fold it into your batter or with 1 very quick rotation of an electric beater. Be careful! Don’t
beat the air out! It must be fluffy!
Dip the rings into the batter one by one, using a metal needle or skewer, then drop them in deep hot
cooking oil and fry them until golden. Drain the cooked onion rings on absorbent paper and season them lightly with flavour enhancer. Serve immediately!Deep-fried puffy onion rings picture
This picture is from Pinterest and a very good example of how it should look! – Enjoy!
For further info here is a lovely little chemistry hint for you!

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