Macerated – Sweetened Fresh Strawberries – Use for Dessert Toppings and Cheese Cakes

You may use fresh or frozen berries for this sauce but fresh is best as there will be less liquids. Strawberries steep in their own juices which gets pulled out by the sugar.

The best way to serve cheesecakes – with a sweetened berry sauce -Enhances flavour and makes it so much more delish! These are fresh berries which I have use which bring out the red colour by far better than frozen or canned.
  • This recipe is my own creation made with real homemade cream cheese!
400g punnet of fresh strawberries washed hulled halved or sliced
200g sugar
Few drops glycerine – adds shine (optional)
Squeeze lemon juice or to taste
Wash, hull removing stems. Slice strawberries into halves – If very large into quarters.
Add the sugar
Allow to steep overnight or during course of day, covered so sugar dissolves naturally.
I mash the sugar into them leaving some halves unmashed. The strawberries will sweeten up as they take in the sugar and release their juices.
Do NOT cook (Cooking will destroy the setting properties of fresh berries!)
If using frozen or canned berries you may warm them up once all the sugar has dissolved. For canned berries, drain them and drastically reduce the liquid over high heat before adding the jelly.
If using frozen strawberries you may heat them up and stir in a 40 g package of Trotters Strawberry Jello (Jelly) until dissolved. Refrigerate covered until thickened and Enjoy!

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