Home Fermented Probiotic Greek Yogurt – Cream Cheese or Cottage Cheese with Scoby added to Boost Probiotics. Absolutely Delish!

The easy peasy way to make it!
My Cream Cheese: 1.5 calories per gram cream cheese

You can pipe it. You can swirl it or you may set it in dariole moulds without the need to grease.

Thickens further upon refrigeration. Any extra whey accumulating at bottom can just be tipped out.
This is how I bypass my dairy allergy. I take a few tablespoons before any meal containing dairy and whalla! Magically I get no allergic reaction at all and at long last I can have yogurt again!!!!! This proves my body is not holding onto the bacteria that is needed to digest it and my only solution for that is to get it from my own home fermented yogurt! If I eat any shop bought yogurt I get a bad reaction. All I can say is.. “Thank goodness I found this out!”


45 ml salt (Optional) – 0,000 calories
87 g (75 ml) yogurt, Parmalat – 45 calories
522 g cream (jersey cream) – 1,342 calories
10 liters milk, full cream jersey – 6,087 Calories
End of ingredients
6.667 kg liquid whey – 1,267 calories
Total less whey = 6,207 calories in homemade cream cheese


Without boiling and straight from sachets or milk containers, add all the above in order given, to your FlavorWave or Halogen 10 liter glass oven bowl or any similar suitable container. No need to sterilize. Just make sure it is clean. Do NOT use any reactive metals ~ Milk has acids that will react with it.
Give it all a good stir and close up. Do not jolt or jerk. Do NOT let any mites or flies to get in and allow to ferment. Takes a day in very hot weather but as the weather cools down, it will take longer. See my pix.
When ready, gently scoop out yogurt with slotted spoon into a fine meshed sieve placed over container. Do not over crowd sieve. An ordinary one will do but fine is always best.
Allow to drain for a few minutes, covered with dinner plate.
Allow to drain a while longer for cream cheese.

Cottage cheese or Old Style Farmers Cheese:

I usually use this for my cream cheese cakes or for smearing on crackers. If you use a pillowcase you always end up with more weight somehow. This is what I’ve used for my cream cheese cakes but lately I just go the route of the fine meshed sieve or strainer.
Once drained, refrigerate where it will thicken upon chilling. Do not beat or cream.
For Greek Yogurt and Cream Cheese:
Whip until smooth. I like to use a stick blender for this.
Serve with sweetened macerated fresh berries or mango. With mango it is so lovely and sweet that there is no need to add sugar at all. Serve and enjoy!

The best sugar free dessert full of prebiotics (fresh mango) and probiotics (fermented Greek yogurt) Replenishes your gut bacteria!

In winter I make my yogurt in the FlavorWave or Halogen Oven on a wash cycle which creates a hot wind or heat wave effect. Once yogurt starts setting it will no longer move. Do not use more than 5 liters milk or you will damage element and use your extender ring so element does not get splashed by milk.

Yogurt is ready – Sometimes it will pull completely off the floor.

Added scoby to boost my probiotics even further – First batch won’t taste as good but batches thereafter will get back to normal. Store scoby in whey and feed it dates.

Cottage Cheese emptied straight out of pillowcase – Delish smeared on crackers!

Scoby added to yogurt in pillowcase to be hung up with bucket beneath to catch whey. If emptying into pillowcase don’t forget to turn seams to the outside – To keep fresh tasting, remove once drips are 30 seconds apart and weight down cream cheese in pillowcase in colander refrigerated until firm. Remove from pillow case to sealed container and refrigerate or you may omit this step and just tip out of pillow case into sealed tupperware. A little bit whey will drain to the bottom which you may just tip out.

Strain yogurt in fine meshed sieve to drain covered 10 – 20 minutes or so depending how thick you want it.

Strained yogurt ready to be whipped or creamed.

Homemade fermented yogurt prevents dairy allergy! Helps to digest the lactose! This is how I bypass my dairy allergy!

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